7 Steps to Write Your First E Book and Make Money Doing It

Start to reap the benefits of digital syndication by writing your own e book today! Do you have extensive knowledge in a specialized field? In this day and age, authors of digital publications (e books) may receive 100% profit on their material! In the past, authors received a smaller percent because their publishers took a piece of their profits. This has changed, and if you want to make real money online I highly suggest you consider dedicating 2 weeks to writing an ebooks.

Write your first e book today!

Step 1: Research PLR

Go to Wikipedia.org and type in “Private Label Rights” for more information on PLR. It is necessary for protecting your content legally.

Step 2: Go and download OpenOffice.

Their completely FREE and open source software allows you to save text documents as pdf files. This is very nice because the alternatives are usually quite expensive. Once you have downloaded OpenOffice, launch their Writer program.

Step 3: Start writing.

Make sure your goal is to inform people on what you are writing about! Write thesis statement, this should be the first thing you do! It will help remind you of what you are supposed to be writing about. You will find it is very easy to use the OpenOffice software. You will see it does not take a rocket scientist to write an e book with this tool. I feel that it is much better than the Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat alternative, and once again, OpenOffice is FREE OF CHARGE.

Step 4: Once you have finally completed your e book, have it proof read by a friend or family member. They will give you an honest critique. You can also give away review copies of your e book to various online forums relevant to your e books topic, just offer your book free of charge in exchange for a review. This is why you need to write something of value! These reviews are critical for building a good reputation for your book,

Step 5: Buy a domain and launch a pitch site. If you don’t know what a pitch site is, look it up! These are web pages set up specifically to sell your e book and are made to be highly targeted towards your topics audience.

Step 6. Promote and market your site. Build quality links, preferably with other websites which are similar to your own. Forum signatures and blog comments which have the DOFOLLOW tag in their markup provides helpful ‘link juice’ improving your rank in the SERPs. DO NOT SPAM! If your budget allows it, promote your site with Google AdWords. This can be very expensive depending on your keyword, so do your research with their AdWords tool.

Step 7: Wash, rinse, and repeat. If your first e book is an epic failure, its ok! It will make it much easier for you to write your 2nd and 3rd books. Then you can officially call yourself an author! Choose your niche wisely!