Digital Dimension And Virtual Worlds

Welcome to the digital dimension, a place that overshadows the entire world alive on pocket servers of the Internet, From information & entertainment to everything in between this place thrives, and on servers around the world life has begun in the Virtual Worlds of MMORPGS…

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games have bursted to life around the Internet and in the year of 2007 we see that they are certainly here to stay. With such giants as World Of Warcraft & Guild Wars dominating the scene it has sparked a flame strong in the hearts of gamers and now more mmorpg’s are starting to emerge than ever before.

Although these two titles are not the only contenders, merely the titans, other games such as Eve online has also established themselves strong footholds in the genre’s industry and still growing at a astronomical rate.

What can be certain is that with the increase in popularity will mean that game developers will have more to focus on in terms of content, while some mmorpgs out there now are simply WoW clones or similar engines there is only so long gamers are going to tolerate the same repetitive game play.

When your talking about virtual worlds this can only be a good thing, as more development will mean we start to see new and intuitive game play styles as well as world sizes increasing which will mean more fun and gaming for everyone involved.

As computer components upgrade this to also contributes to the quality of future mmorpgs, as we are now starting to see quality computer parts available to the general public at a not to unrealistic price this to gives game developers more creative freedom in all areas of game creation.

Another major aspect of why the genre has taken off as a popular choice is due to most major western countries having access to high speed Internet connections, this in tern has allowed for people from all around the world to play together in a virtual server all in real time. With clans and guilds being able to establish decent community’s within their games by utilizing forums and voip communication software mmorpgs have become the single most popular online genre and growing exponentially.

The social aspect of mmorpg’s however is by far the main reason that the games have taken off so much in recent years, as mentioned with these high speed Internet connections the distance and cost communication barrier to the rest of the world has been removed, and players can develop strong friendships within these community’s.

Gone are the days of localized gaming as the mmorpg revolution blazes its way across the Internet it is a time of fun and adventure for all those that find themselves drifting into the digital dimension and these virtual worlds.

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