How “Indie” Authors Can Promote Their Books Without Spending Much

One of the greatest challenges for “indie” authors during the post-writing stage of their books is how to reach their target audience. Most independent writers are also the publisher of their works, whether these are e-Books or physical books. Certainly, these authors and self-publishers are looking for cost-effective ways to market their publication.

Here are at least five (5) ways to market and promote your book without having to spend much:

Dedicated websites – find sites that devote themselves to promoting authors and their publication. As an Indie author, you get to benefit the most from these sites. Find a site that will do the following on your behalf:

– stimulate interest and curiosity of readers to get to know you and your stuff better, such as with their daily feature that highlight your work and your biography;
– publish relevant information about you including your website and social networking sites where your target audience can connect with you;
– give away freebies to readers such as free Kindle and Nook downloads;
– enable you to benefit from both free and paid promotion.

Membership to book forums – you will find several book forums on the web where members and participants talk about authors and their works. Most book lovers browse these forums for interesting finds. Sign-up with these forums. Some of these are the following: Kindle Boards, Nook Boards, Amazon Discussion Boards, Mobile Read, and Library Thing.

Blog world – network with book bloggers and benefit from their influence to encourage their readers to consider reading your book. Specifically, pay attention to bloggers who post their reviews on self-published or indie books. To find these bloggers, access their listing from online directories. You may just have to sort out which ones welcome indie authors. You may wish to check out these sites: Kindleboard listing of book reviewers, Indie reviewers list, as well as book blogs where you can find a listing of reviewers of indie and digital books.

Social media – tap the power and influence of social media to market and promote your publication. You can take advantage of the huge population of social networking sites in promoting your books. You can get long advertising mileage without having to spend as you would with conventional advertising. An example would be creating your Facebook page where you can connect with your fans. You can increase their engagement by holding contests or quizzes and giving away freebies such as free Kindle e-books or Nook e-books in return for their participation.

Search engines – if you have built your own website or blogsite, it pays to be nice to the search engines as they will bring you your natural traffic. Make your post interesting and engaging at the same time optimizing your content for the search engines. Your site should be a venue where your readers can get all relevant information they need about your publication. It is also where you can keep them hooked up to reading your books.

There you have your five (5) cost-effective ways to market and promote your publication. As long as you stay committed to your goals, and you know how to benefit from the vast resources of the internet, you can always reach your goals just like the rest of successful indie authors.