How to Create a Moneymaking Machine From an Old Book!

You may have heard the stories and they are really true! Enterprising people have come across inspiring books in used bookstores that you subsequently determine to be in the public domain and therefore, free for you to use as you please. Your Home Publishing business can provide a worthwhile and lucrative income from public domains works but in order to make your products available online, you need to digitize the product. Your finished product can be delivered in PDF format (Portable Document Format) and most computers these days have the software built in to do this. So how to digitize the hard copy public domain material you discover? There are a variety of ways you can do this.

Scan the Entire Book into Your Computer

If you have a scanner and the time you may want to scan the entire book into your computer, especially if you will be working with either the entire book or large chunks of it. You could use a software program like TextBridge which will enable you to edit the text word processor style after scanning. Since you can do anything you want with it, you could republish the entire book in a digital format and add either affiliate links or links back to your websites. If you don’t have a quality scanner or are pressed for time, you may want to outsource this all important task. It could cost you as much as two or three hundred dollars but it will be well worth it when you are able to sell the finished product.

Even if you only plan to create smaller projects from the book, like articles or blog posts, you’ll get frustrated working with a book in its physical state. Whereas there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, trying to find the page the information you want is on after a few tries will get old, especially when you can do a simple word or phrase search when it is in its digital format. So if you find an old book that is in the public domain that you can create new products from, plan on scanning it or having it scanned. It will be well worth the cost and effort. By the way, I mentioned blog posts earlier. Having a blog linked to your sales page is crucial if you want to maximize the potential of your product. You can place extracts of your digital product on your blog as a taster for visitors which will encourage them to link to your sales page and buy your ebook.

There Is So Much You Can Do With Your Digital Product

Now, you can create your own customized product and add value to the material by including your own observations and insights into the subject. No more flipping back and forth through the pages to find exactly what you are looking for. Now you can easily locate, mark, and move text to suit your needs. So now you can easily create articles, blog posts, e-courses, ebooks and more from your digitized book.

Create A Business Plan

It’s important that you have a business plan! I always find it helpful to work from a ‘to do’ list and often use ‘mindmaps’ to visualize where I am going with my product from conception and research to editing and producing your product. Your business plan should also outline very clearly how you intend to promote your product on the internet. Remember, you won’t be earning any money during the time that you are creating your new product so it is important that you develop a plan and a time line that will work with your budget. That’s because you could literally spend months creating different products from just one book, especially if you are doing all the work yourself so it is important to know exactly where you are going with this project.

If all you plan to do for instance is submit articles to article directories or make blog posts, you can do that in a relatively short amount of time. But if you plan to republish the entire book in a digital format, complete with links, you are undertaking quite a project! You’ll need to update the language, check the facts, and do keyword research as well. Since this could take quite a while, you may have to work on this as a special project, working around the time you spend earning money on other projects, depending on your budget. That is why it is so important that you make a plan to begin with before you get bogged down in your public domain book and look up and realize you haven’t earned any money for the past month! With careful planning, though, you can turn your public domain project into a real moneymaker!

Advantages of Digital Photography and Simple Tips to Start Clicking Away With Your Digital Camera

In early days, photography only belonged to professionals. However, when roll film cameras and digital cameras were invented, photography became widely available for public. In the era of digital photography, the most inexperienced individuals can take pictures easily. The best advantage of digital photography is that you can see the picture immediately after it is taken. If you don’t like it, you can just delete the picture without wasting any film.

Nowadays, digital cameras are everywhere and digital photography becomes very popular, especially when camera phones were introduced. It is unnecessary to bring rolls of films anymore as a tiny memory stick is enough to hold hundreds of pictures. Many other inconveniences are also eliminated by digital photography. You do not need to wait for the processing process of the films because you can just simply put the pictures into the computer and share with others. You can delete pictures that you don’t like and it is unnecessary to go back to the store if there is something wrong with the prints.

One of popular aspects in the world of photography is airbrushing. Airbrushing used to be a painstaking process, but it became much easier when digital photography came. After you master how to use photo editing software, it becomes very easy to edit pictures and improve their quality. It is virtually impossible to differentiate whether a picture is edited or real, which sometimes may create an issue.

Photo storage and sorting are very simple in the world of digital photography. Perhaps you still remember how you need to spend days to glue and tape photos into photo albums. Now, it is easy to sort and categorize photos into separate files in the computer. There is no problem whatsoever if you want to see and print them in the future as long as you have a good filing system.

In addition, with a photo album, normally only two persons can watch the photos at the same time. On the contrary, a digital photography album can be transferred to a compact disk and played in the DVD player so the whole family members can see the photos together. You can add some music and change to a slideshow format to make it more interesting, especially if you want to show it in a big gathering of some sort.

Tips to enjoy your digital camera

Some people are intimidated with technology including using a digital camera. They get used to the old film camera and feel that a digital camera is too confusing. Surely there are differences in using film and digital camera, but if you know how to handle a digital camera properly, you will enjoy it. The following tips are useful to make you have enjoyable experiences with your digital camera.

The first tip and also the most logical one is that you must read the manual book. You will know how to use your digital camera and understand what capabilities that it has. Read the manual before taking photos even if you have used other digital cameras before. There may be some features that you never know before. Without reading the manual, after a long time, you may end up finding that the camera has certain capabilities that you never think before.

The next tip is to make sure that your digital camera works, especially on important occasions. Extra memory cards and extra batteries will do the trick. You don’t want to face with full memory card or even worse, died battery, when you find a special moment that you want to capture quickly.

Many people tend to use low resolution setting so they can save many photos in the memory stick. This is not a good idea because you reduce the quality of the photos significantly. It is better to select midway setting for general use and the best setting for capturing special moments. Lastly, you should take photos as much as possible to familiarize yourself with a digital camera. After a short period of time, you will enjoy your digital camera and leave the old film camera behind.

Online Firms – Power Audiobooks – Totally Different From E-Books and Videos?

This article presents power audiobooks as a key driver of home, internet-marketing, or online businesses and investigates how they vary from e-books and videos. An audiobook is a book which can be listened to as an alternative to reading an e-book. It is a recording of words spoken by a person rather than music or songs. It can be a recorded version of a book or maybe a recorded spoken program.

You can get an audio book in the form of a CD, cassette tape, or downloadable digital formats like MP3, Windows Media Audio, etc. At present, some pre-loaded digital formats can also be found.

The main objective behind audio books is to help the visually impaired. Such audiobooks are published in formats typical for them and are accompanied by distinctive sorts of players. The players are created such that the visually handicapped can handle them independently without help.

Audiobooks may also be handy while moving around and, as such, are advantageous to those people who are very busy in their lifestyle.

Publishers now produce audiobooks along with hard cover editions. The first example of a simultaneous publication of an audiobook and hard cover edition was the publication of the spoken recording of Norman Mailer’s Ancient Evenings.

CD technology has brought innovations in the audiobook industry. A bunch of information could be stored in one CD, and more than one book could be stored in a DVD. They can be played using ordinary CD or DVD players as well. Portable music players like the IPod, Zen player, Zune, etc. have made it easier for downloadable audio books to reach the common people.

You’ll find frequently two classes of audio books: unabridged and abridged.

A word-for-word (unedited) reading of a book to form an audio book gives rise to an unabridged audiobook. If the original content is edited, then the audio book is called abridged. The abridger is the person who edits the contents. Abridgements are necessary to maintain time and reduce cost.

Audiobooks could be made from recordings by skilled vocal artists. Text-to-speech software can also be used, if needed, however in such cases sound quality may well be off the mark.

Audiobooks can be more expensive than hard cover versions just because a recording on CD is much more pricey. Pre-loaded digital formats are offered also, where audio content is loaded in simple players, similar in price as CDs. Downloadable audiobooks, on the other hand, cost less as they quite simply do not possess any storage, packaging, or transportation fees.

You’ll find companies that publish online business audio-books to give you the power to greatly enhance your lifestyle on-the-go – while exercising, commuting both to and from your work, walking your dog in the park, or perhaps relaxing at home. People love audio books since they can tune in to them and learn while doing other pursuits throughout their hectic agendas.

Internet business audio books are filled with useful, timely methods and strategies to mentor you on making profits, to aid you to improve your quality of life. The audio books adjust comfortably to your lifestyle: you may listen to an audio book on your own CD player at home, in your car, or at the office. Or you can copy the audiobooks to your computer, iPod, or any mobile listening device.

Here are a few samples of online business audiobooks:

1. PROVEN CYBERSPACE FREELANCE ENTERPRISES YOU COULD START AT UNDER $20. An e-book/audiobook that details diverse ecommerce business opportunities you can try. They are true outlines of real businesses.

2. TRIUMPHANT FREELANCING WITH FACEBOOK. Everything you should know about working with Facebook to add to your bottom line. A clear-cut and user-friendly guide. Facebook can be an awesome resource for experts who sell services. That’s because the world-wide-web has made it unproblematic for those who need your services to connect with you, no matter whether you’re in their geographical location.

3. SOCIAL COPY WRITING 2: Discover How One Can Generate Convincing Copy for the Internet Age. This audiobook will allow you study the necessary skills necessary to generate sales copy that really works for the net. It’s a comprehensive resource authored through the blended attempts of master professionals who understand what it truly takes to sell all kinds of products.

4. CLICK IT! SUPER PROFITS. Now, for the first time, you can make money with ClickBank without going through the costly trial-and-error process. For the first time this book provides an extensive method to teach you hard-earned lessons allowing you to go directly to earning money.

5. HOME-BASED NICHE WEALTH: The Step-By-Step System for Finding, Exploiting, and Cashing in on Little Known Niches. You can find a large number of undiscovered different ways to uncover profitable niches online, most of which people have never heard of. This opens the floodgates of opportunity to make tons of cash in niche markets. Think you’re ready to discover a very simple way to yield profits on the net in little known niche markets?

6. CASH CONTENT: Learn About How to Earn Money Promoting Readily Available Public Data. Understand easy methods to legally promote readily available public data to make cash over the internet. You are about to locate an info resource that should put you in front of other would-be business people – everything you need to make cash from totally-free online public-information resources.

7. HOW TO EARN MONEY IN YOUR OWN HOME AS A FREELANCE WORKER. Do you think you’re frustrated with your normal 9 to 5 job? Do you work unlimited hours for less than acceptable pay only to be left with a paycheck that just pays the bills? This audiobook shows you how to utilize your skills to make an income day-after-day as a freelance worker.

8.ONLINE COPYRIGHT MANUAL FOR EVERYONE. The internet is an intellectual property rights battleground. Those who know how to handle the situation will do fine. Men and women who don’t may find themselves in big trouble. This audiobook will coach you on the best way to safeguard your copyrights and to avoid unintentionally treading on anyone else’s. You’ll be able to learn to avoid the copyright infringement problems that are driving others crazy.

This article has introduced power audiobooks and analyzed how they vary from e-books and videos. It has also reviewed some examples of power audio books.