Securing Your Rights With Digital Rights Management

Information technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the years providing people across the globe with multiple options to manage and handle their information and data online. However like any other field the Web is also prone to theft and burglary, called hacking in the IT terminology. It is therefore extremely necessary for you to find out some method of document security online to protect your valuable data and information.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) – an overview

Broadly speaking digital rights management or DRM as it is known as the tool through which as publisher or author of the work will control the rights of the purchaser on set terms and conditions. In fact it is one of the best methods for ensuring regulatory compliance. Rights exercised by the purchaser are effectively controlled under the system.

Traditionally the author of books and publications in the print industry used to regulate the rights of the purchaser using the Copy Rights Act or similar other legal methods. With the digitization of most of the works and publications to day, the focus has moved on to the digitalized control of the user’s rights. The exercise of rights has become more specific and easier with the digital system in place than through the copyrights in the print media.

Change of balance of power

During the last decade there has been a marked change of balance of power throughout the world. In the present day even the web content security has become a major problem which is required to be addressed affectively. In the past you had to find out a publisher to print a copied document. The possibility was remote since the publisher knew pretty well that he would be sued immediately under the copyrights Act. The print industry was physical and there were physical controls available.

The scenario has undergone a complete transformation with the introduction of the digital documents replacing the old time print documents. You can now copy documents on your PC at no cost and there is hardly any possibility of detection. Video and music piracy, stolen documents have become so common that without Digital Rights Management or DRM it may not be possible to protect web contents. File sharing and unlimited transmission facilities on the nets have further compounded the problem.

DRM – A critical feature

Thus Digital right management has become a critical issue in the world of Information Technology to day. So people are now tending to ensure web content security with copy protection software. Especially when you are building up your confidential database or transmitting some important information that you do not wish to be public, the DRM assumes a great significance.

It may be some contact information, legal contracts, analyst’s report, newsletter, or publications, both ordinary and pdf protection is highly essential for you. You have to prevent stealing, burglary and hacking and there is no alternative to digital rights management for you for accomplishment of such critical tasks. Your intellectual property requires protection and DRM provides you just the required capability to protect them.