So You Want to Write a Book? Go eBook

eBooks have become the cyberspace phenomena over the last few years. They’re not exactly new as Acrobat’s PDF files of electronic or digitized books and manuals have been around since the advent of computers. You will remember CD-formatted eBooks used as free promotional giveaways during the late 90s.

But with new and engaging electronic reading devices like the Kindle and the iPad becoming so popular, every day that passes makes the electronic self-publishing eBook trend follow an inevitable path that will soon dominate the reason people visit the Internet.

But not to worry, the printed book publishing industry is not about to go into death throes, at least not in the near future. One can remain nostalgic about it in the same way music lovers have been with analog LPs despite the CDs and the MP3s.

While the printed books still have their following, the eBooks are about to bring critical mass into their existence to become the main source of reading material for the next generation. And it’s not just a fad for the following reasons:

eBooks are easy and inexpensive to produce
There’s no need for a book publisher, an agent, a printing press, paper stock, ink supply or a distributors. If you have a great idea for a book that can attract a large readership, the decent ability to write and put your message across and a PC with the right word processing application than can output in non-editable PDF or similar eBook file, you can publish your own eBook.

eBooks are easily obtainable online
Just do a Google search on the subject and you’ll find countless return pages of free eBook sites and commercial online eBook retailers that include Amazon, Barnes & Noble and torrent sites that are virtual digital libraries of nearly infinite book titles. You only need to search for a title you want or a topic and you have a list of books that, with just a click of your mouse, will download to your PC in seconds.

eBooks are easy to update
No need for a second edition printing run. You simply go back to your editable Word file, modify the text or graphics and save it as a new version of your titles in the same non-editable file format and you’re back in business. This makes eBooks grow with the times as fast as it should and makes perfect sense as school and collage textbooks that need regular updates. You can also create special section updates to add to or supercede chapters or sections in your earlier eBook publication and they can be offered as free eBooks to those who already purchased the first edition.

eBooks are interactive multimedia
You can have survey forms, order forms of other titles, hyperlinking to related websites for added info or for purely promotional purposes as well as using video, audio, animation, and the usual images to spice up your eBook that no printed book can offer.

eBooks allow complete creative control
There’s no need to deal with editors and publishers who think they know better than you do. There’s no need to make compromises on your eBooks and no haggling with designers over your cover. You have complete control over your creative work.

eBooks have the whole world as its market
Best of all, once you have it published online, you have the entire world with almost 1 Billion of them going online everyday, as your potential market.