Sony Digital Book Reader Range – A Portable eBook Reader Priced For Everyone

With the lead up to Christmas fast approaching, and the recent price reduction on portable eBook reader devices, it may be time to take a closer look at the new range of Sony Digital Book Reader models. A portable eBook reader will be high on a lot of peoples Christmas wish lists, and with their eBook reader price cuts, the Sony digital book reader is now firmly in the gift price range, be it for your wife, husband or children.

With the enthusiasm shown by the public, in the last couple of years any way, towards digital books (also known as electronic books or eBooks for short), is it any wonder the digital book readers manufacturers are starting to sit up and take this fast growing market far more seriously.

The introduction of the Amazon Kindle Revolutionary Wireless Reading Device kick started, what had become for a number of years, a very slow moving sector of the publishing market. Whether this was the public finally realizing the benefits to the environment gained from using a portable eBook reader, such as lower manufacturing costs, lower business overheads like rent and rates and a big saving on transport costs, with instant electronic delivery of eBooks , or perhaps it was the introduction of a display that could actually be read on the move which made the Kindle the first truly affordable portable eBook reader for the masses, we will never know.

What we do know though is that the public acceptance of eBook readers has triggered a whole host of copy cat designs, many of which have a place along side the Kindle and others that rely on old hat, gen one technology which for the few dollars, pounds or euros you save are just not worth considering, a fact that has now become even more true after the recent round of price cuts.

One of the manufacturers who do stand shoulder to shoulder with Kindle is Sony. The Sony digital book reader range of models offer eBook readers a worthy alternative to the Amazon Kindle. They also have more models in their range, this alone is a great plus for the range as with the Kindle you have only the choice of two current devices, the entry level model and the $450+ DX, where as Sony offer at present four current models.

Another advantage of the Sony digital book reader range is the price. The entry level model, which has only recently been released, comes in, at the time of writing a whole $100 less than the Kindle equivalent.

As I alluded to at the start, this brings the price of a well designed, high quality eBook reader under the magical $200 price point and into reach of more and more people.

One final point to remember is that the Sony Digital Book Reader, unlike the Kindle, is supported not only in the U.S. but also in the U.K. and many other European countries like France, Germany and Holland. This is something that, when buying a portable eBook reader, has to be taken in to account along with all the other positive points delivered by the whole range of Sony digital book reader models.