The Sony Digital Book Reader PRS-300-An Affordable Digital EBook Reader

It has only been a few short weeks since the new entry level Sony digital book reader hit the stores, but in that short time it has proved to be an effective, feature packed, affordable digital eBook reader.

It seems that Sony have struck gold with their latest digital eBook reader, the Prs-300. They must be delighted with the way the public have received it, and must be even more pleased that they have struck a blow in their long running battle with Kindle to be the industries top dog. So what is it that has made the PRS 300 an instant favorite with the reading public.

Well, a good mixture of features and technology, plus that all important price point, go a long way, no matter what the product, to engaging serious buyers. They seem to have set out, in the product brief and design criteria, to answer the many criticisms of their previous models, keeping the best aspects and ditching or improving on those that where less appreciated. Then when they had come up with what is a massive improvement on past models, as you would expect from a leading consumer electronics manufacturer (let’s be honest, if they didn’t learn they would not be where they are), they trumped everyone by pitching the price at an unbelievably affordable $199.

The Sony Digital Book Reader PRS 300, that is constructed with an aluminum panel on the front and comes in a new choice of colours, weighs in at just a fraction over 7oz (220g) so can easily be taken with you on your travels. The 125mm eInk display, which uses the latest Vizplex(TM) technology, returns a paper like screen, has no flicker, has 3 different text sizes to choose from and uses no back light so reading is strain free and can be used for many hours of reading even when the sun is at it’s brightest. The superb text detail is delivered via the screens 8 Grey scales.

Storage is taken care of by the 512mb internal memory, so you can take with you on your travels up to approximately 350 electronic books. These can be purchased from the online Sony eBook Store or even downloaded quite legally for free, then transferred easily, via the USB 2.0 cable, from your computer or laptop straight onto your Sony digital eBook reader. The improved battery allows nearly 7000 page turns or two weeks supply of power from one four hour full charge from your laptop or computer or two hours through an optional AC adapter.

The reader comes complete with Sony eBook Library software, compatible with not only PC but also Mac, so you can easily organize your personal library on your Reader Pocket Edition(TM). And now, thanks to the additional file formats supported by the PRS300, you can read far more ebooks. The inclusion of the industry standard EPUB format and Adobes PDF the file format of free ebooks, not forgetting the old favorites like .TXT, .RTF, .DOC and BBeB, has opened up the number of titles your reader can now handle.

None of this would be any use if the Sony Digital Book Reader was too expensive would it? Well the good news is Sony have really pitched their new Digital eBook Reader at those buyers who have had their hearts set on joining the reading revolution but could not justify the high prices. They have stolen a march on the Kindle, with the price of the Sony Digital Book Reader the right side of $200 US they are set to clean up in the Christmas Digital eBook Reader gift market.