Voice Recording, How Can It Help Your Taxi Or Private Hire Booking And Dispatch Office

In the current climate of tighter security and litigation Caller ID is generally understood to be a good thing, most cellular phones can record conversations and most public offices and call centres will record all conversations by default. (for training purposes we are told).

Taxi and private hire booking and dispatch software can take this one step further and can digitally record the telephone conversation and cross reference the incoming callers ID (telephone number) with the extension that answered it to a database of booking information so that any time an operator or manager can play back a conversation.

This conversation is recorded using a simple inline box which connects to the curly lead of the telephone handset and plugs into the USB port.

Not only does the software enable Telecom and communication businesses to add an easily deployed software product to their portfolio it also through the medium of a web portal enables them to solicit customers online from thousands of already registered users of the Navigator taxi booking and dispatch software.

These inline recording boxes are available from http://www.diplomat.co.uk

Navigator Metro taxi booking and dispatch software accommodates full detailed voice recording as a standard features and gives the telephonist a truly integrated experience on both single phone lines and complex PBX installations.

The taxi and private hire software can be downloaded free from [http://www.navigator-metro.com]

It is also reviewed and has a forum thread on http://www.diplomat.co.uk